Answer:  Technological advancement solutions, like a digital safety software process is much more effective, compared to a paper-based, process because the reporting risk has never been so easy, which means quicker and more accurate recordkeeping for OSHA / EM385 1-1 compliance, with accurate data verification.  Our software solution has adapted even further to mobile applications. Workers can  do inspections, forms, complete AHA-JSA’s, track and report incidents and observations which enables the business to keep the priority of Safety process, using less time, which is more productive and profitable for business.

Spreadsheets or paper-based formats can lead to time wasted in trying to locate the right information needed. Even with strict paper document management, valuable data can be easily overwritten, damaged, or lost, causing the administrative team challenges, in an audit, OSHA Inspection, or legal claim.  Our software solution should help to ease the pressure and time on legal compliance obligations for your business and employees, making sure you as a company, stay compliant.

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