Answer:  One of a business’s main priorities is the health and safety of its employees. Implementing an EHS software solution would help to ensure the safety of each individual within the workplace. Since last year, many businesses have learned the importance of adaptability in unpredictable circumstances. The need to move  away from traditional formats of reporting and organization, as it has been done with paper and “after-the fact” computer input analytics is archaic and does little to reduce the risk in a more time sensitive manner. The current need for data to be as close to “real time” , with safety and compliance data,  is needed to make Health and Safety ,as well as business decisions,  much quicker and more accurately.

Our ease-of-use solution, allows quick changes and updates to take place when real-time data, is collected; inspections, forms, safety lesson completion, and with this instant date be able to make effective business safety decisions. This reduces the time wasted on collecting and completing documentation, while also increasing reporting by employees. The result is a safer workplace environment. Mobile accessibility offered to employees helps to keep reporting easy, quick, and consistent, and with our Tradesman they can do just that.

EHS management systems focus not only on the well-being and health and employees, but, on the environment too. The obvious point of moving away from paper-based formats reduces waste significantly. Due to the cross-over to a digital format, the software system holds all information in a centralized dashboard/platform. Helping businesses not only improve functionality, but also reduce paper waste and carbon footprint. 

Our Safety Assist, EHS software stores all information in a centralized place. In terms of compliance and legal requirements. Your business is in the best position to ensure you meet the requirements needed by law. Whether that is finding information for a claim, evidence of some sort for statements. All data and forms are easy to locate

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