Answer:  A EHS software is a technological solution that many companies use to manage risk, business and employee safety, data, work process activities, and regulatory compliance. An EHS software; which Safety Assist is, focuses on the aims of creating a, “Compliance Driven Safety Solution;”   while providing reliable, efficient, and ease-of-use software.

EHS Safety Software solutions, which our software Safety Assist is, reduces the risk of accidents, lower operating costs within the insurance and risk category, and lowers environmental impact by not using paper, ink or other finite tangible materials. When using our software solution, a EHS Safety Solution your Safety management team is focusing on the health and well-being of employees while assisting with efficiency and profitability, which is new to the EHS Safety component in construction and manufacturing processes because in the past these have been additional long term costs.  These software solutions currently, Safety Assist are all executed by a cloud-based solution, leaving behind traditional paper-based formats, while automatically archiving the Safety documentation for that particular day and shift.

One of the many benefits of a dedicated EHS software solution from more traditional methods is that the old Safety paper processes, form a solidified and time-consuming approach to reporting. However, technology has allowed EHS Software Solutions like Safety Assist, to offer the ability to tailor the experience for their users, creating accessibility across multiple devices and operating software platforms, in a more time efficient and compliant process.

Another benefit of having an EHS software solution is the availability of all data and activities in a central location. Delivering configurability, data security, and ease of use for your business. Easy accessibility when you need it, whether that is for an audit or regulatory report.

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